Please note that because all items are handmade, we cannot guarantee all sizing to be exact.


Bow Sizes:

Small - 4 inches

Large - 6 inches


You can wear our bows in 3 ways:

1. With elastic loop that slides over a collar
2. With an elastic collar to go around pet's neck
3. With alligator clips to wear them as hair bows


Snap on Reversible Bandana Sizing:

XXSmall - Neck Size 16-26 cm

XSmall - Neck Size 26-36 cm

Small - Neck Size 34-44 cm

Medium - Neck Size 44-54 cm

Large - Neck Size 50-60 cm

XLarge - Neck Size 60-74 cm

In order to have the purrfect bandana fit, please make sure you add a few centimeters to your pet's neck size to ensure the bandana does not fit too tight.

We are also more than happy to create a custom size if none of the sizes seem right!